Saudi Payroll

Tailored service, personal approach 

BDO Saudi’s Payroll Team can help clients negotiate the local payroll regime which could otherwise result in strict penalties for failure to comply.  The introduction of Real Time Information and the need to submit timely information to the authorities, coupled with the ever changed tax environment and the need to maintain personnel information to ensure timely processing of payments, means that companies need to choose a reliable business team to support them.  Outsourcing payroll also allows clients to focus their time and effort on growing their business and handling the many other pressures businesses face.

Our team is well established and maintains the payroll information for over 10,000 transactions, processing weekly and monthly payroll data and also handling the changes required under the pension changes and auto-enrolment.  We also have access to the firm’s Employment zakat and tax team who can advise on optimising benefits, processing payslips and assisting with expatriate tax matters.

Whether you are a small business looking to take on your first employees or a larger organisation looking to outsource your payroll service, we are able to assist.

The benefits include:

  • Processing is done on a cost-effective fee per payslip basis and processing in accordance with pre-agreed timetables
  • Our team keeps fully up to date with legislative requirements and changes on behalf of our clients
  • We liaise directly with the relevant authorities in the event of queries regarding payroll deductions

For multi-jurisdiction payroll, BDO Saudi’s Business Services Outsourcing team work with BDO’s Global Outsourcing practice.

BDO Saudi also has its own market leading localized and Saudi law defined software package which makes payroll  transactions submission faster, easier and more streamlined, and is designed to integrate with clients’ existing accountancy and HR software.