International company formation and secretarial

Providing visibility and control

Faced with rapidly changing legislation and regulatory requirements, every international business needs to ensure it is in good corporate order, ensuring full compliance through the use of local knowledge and expertise.

Whether you are setting up your business entities internationally or reviewing your approach to local regulatory compliance, partnering with BDO Saudi can deliver peace of mind and visibility and assist companies in becoming good corporate citizens on a global scale.

Many companies do not have a dedicated company secretary and need professional guidance and support to cope with ever-changing rules, regulations and best practice. 

BDO Saudi offer a tailored approach and recognise that one size doesn’t fit all and businesses face a variety of challenges which may include:

  • a lack of management infrastructure or local knowledge,
  • The coordination of company secretarial duties across several markets, providers and time-zones provides
  • lack of budgetary control
  • a cumbersome service, that doesn’t reflect the agility needed for a changing business.

Leveraging BDO international network, the BDO model uses local knowledge from local experts within each jurisdiction, ensuring you receive the very best service.

Coordinated centrally by the global coordination team, will ensure compliance and attention to detail at all times, supported by leading technology platforms via the online client portal.