Private Equity

Successfully navigating the turbulence between the entrepreneurial mind-set and institutions

Our private equity offering is unique in that we take a holistic approach to the private equity investment cycle. Through constant dealings with entrepreneurs and personalities we have developed a wherewithal to navigate through the turbulence that exists between the entrepreneurial and institutional mind-sets. Managing the conflict takes finesse and subtlety, as well as straightforwardness and hard work.

We view private equity as a magnificent product for any business owner looking to professionalise, grow and ultimately increase the profits for their business. Therefore finding the right solution to achieve maximum positive effect is very important to us as people and priority to us as a business.

We don’t look at our business as ‘corporate finance’, ‘due diligence’, ‘tax’ and ‘audit’. We help management teams, private equity houses and businesses excel. We do this by knitting together people from across our huge network, both locally and across the world, and genuinely believe that we can make things happen. We deliver down to earth, pragmatic, highly skilled and top quality advice that emanates from a clear sense of purpose.

The BDO global private equity investment cycle