Accounting Valuations

BDO’s Business Valuations team has strong technical knowledge and years of experience in providing independent valuations for financial reporting purposes.

Fair value financial reporting is the new reality as most countries in the world are converging their accounting standards with the existing IFRS.

All listed companies in the KSA must report in IFRS from January 1, 2017, private companies will also be required to adopt IFRS from periods beginning January 1, 2018.

Our experts provide independent purchase price allocation reports valuing intangible assets for IFRS 3 and   business combination purposes. Their combined decades of experience mean that you will receive the most knowledgeable and efficient valuation advice – in particular in the identification process.

We are frequently engaged to provide ‘pre completion’ valuation advice which assists potential acquirers with understanding the potential accounting impact of the acquisition. We also provide training sessions for clients who decide to complete the valuation process themselves.

We can also help you estimate the fair value of employee award and incentive grants for financial reporting purposes, an element that is becoming ever more important in the mid-market as financial acquirers incentivize management with equity awards.

Our accounting valuations team can assist with impairment reviews falling within IAS 32/39 and IFRS13. If you have recently completed an acquisition, or are contemplating one, and would like independent, professional, and knowledgeable valuation advice based upon a combined decades of experience, please contact us.