An experienced team for challenging times

The radical changes in society, the economy, technology and the structural reform of the traditional healthcare system mean that many healthcare organisations are at a crossroads in their development. They face critical decisions in order to be sustainable, such as whether to invest or divest; or to merge, partner or stand-alone. These decisions are in addition to the day-to-day pressures on services and demands from patients, regulators and clinical standards bodies.

BDO’s International Healthcare Advisory team work with work with providers in tertiary, secondary, community, primary and private healthcare settings across acute, mental and community care.

There are developed approaches, tools and techniques that can be used to assess strategic decisions in a systematic and structured way, whilst taking account of the local needs and many local (often conflicting) views. Our experience tells us that staff need to own changes in order for them to succeed. Whilst we bring a wealth of ideas from our work with government networks, by working closely with our clients’ clinical and non-clinical staff, we ensure that our their organisations are the ones who own and implement the most innovative and effective ideas which will work in their locality.

Our core Healthcare Advisory team includes energetic and experienced professionals with strong backgrounds in operational management, finance, procurement, nursing, acute medicine and surgery, HR and general practice.