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  • Effective corporate risk management is essential in today’s commercial world. In a rapidly changing environment, Boards and senior management need help understanding risks and assessing the design, operational effectiveness and efficiency of controls. Does your Board of Directors (BoD) and senior management know the major strategic and operational risks facing the organization? If so, how effectively are risks controlled?


  • At BDO Dr. Mohamed Al-Amri & Co., we have the ability to assess the risks and controls for all of your business operations. We understand the importance of working with you to make practical recommendations that reduce risks to a level that is appropriate for you and your business. Our knowledge and experience will help you balance the importance of mitigating risk with the cost of implementing and maintaining appropriate measures. Management does not want to be surprised by unexpected adverse events or overpay for unnecessary internal controls.


  • BDO Dr. Mohamed Al-Amri & Co. have a strong track record in providing independent risk assessments and internal auditing and will use this experience when engaging and advising your BoD, Audit Committee and your senior management.